About Us

WARCS   ( Wolds and Riverbank Countryside Society )  is a society dedicated towards education, promotion, awareness and appreciation of regional natural and local history. Based in the East Riding of Yorkshire, it was formed in May 1996.

The society meets regularly through the year with a varied programme of presentations about local and natural history.

Outdoor events include fungus forays, bird watching, mothings and butterfly walks. Visits to places of interest to ecologists and enviromentalists are arranged as well as a series of litter pickings in the area.

Many of those who formed the society are still active in it but new members are always welcome.

In 2002 the society bought 3 acres of woodland, now WARCS Nature Reserve, located on Brantingham Road, Elloughton. It was very overgrown but members spent a number of years transforming it into a nature reserve  that  now supports hundreds  of different species  of  grasses, moths, fungus and butterflies. It is a pleasant local amenity open to the public and enjoyed by many.

In February 2012 the Society bought half an acre of open land adjacent to the reserve. The woodland reserve now gives access to a wildflower meadow benefitting bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects essential to the environment.