External Links

Visitors to our website may also enjoy the following blogs and websites:

wildathull       This is a blog by Africa Gomez who has given talks to the Society about Spiders and about bees.  Her interests are much wider and her blog is well worth seeing.

TOPHILLL LOW   is a nature reserve based at the water treatment works owned by Yorkshire Water on the banks of the River Hull between Driffield and Beverley.  There are hides and footpaths around the large reservoirs and many waterfowl can be seen at most times of the year. There are also otters to be seen if you are lucky.

The blog site has sections about sightings on the reserve of insects & galls, birds, lepidoptera, fungi and botany. These sections have many photos of the subjects.

Michael Flowers is a local naturalist who conducts bird watching walks in our area. His blog has good photographs which will help you identify both common birds and some of the rarer species that migrate through East Yorkshire.

A web site you may like is that of Robert Fuller. Robert is a local artist of national renown whose work has been seen on television on many occasions. He is a painter and photographer whose artwork is in demand. Enjoy both on his site