Cancelled Meetings

Please note that in view of the corona virus all meetings have been cancelled until September.  The Chairman will conduct an Annual General Meeting on line and by phone to decide two items, election of the Committee for next year and a proposed increase in annual subscriptions for the year beginning May 2021.

Family History talk cancelled

The talk that was to take place on February 21st has had to be cancelled as the speaker has an illness in the family.  Instead we will have a presentation about the use of environmental DNA to establish the variety of wildlife in freshwater such as rivers, lakes etc. See our Facebook page for a poster about this.

Pocklington Iron Age Talk.

Fifty four of us enjoyed last nights talk by Phil Gilbank which  was a fascinating insight into the potential history that may be buried below us.

I have visited and signed the petition to help the local history group, create a heritage centre in Pocklington so that many of the items recovered may be displayed in the area, rather than being archived in the British museum. I hope many more of you will do the same.

Quiz and Party

Last night’s quiz and party was another huge success. The evening was enjoyed by all 52 members present. The spread was delicious. Eight teams contested and the result was a dead heat between the Sprouts and the Rudolphs.  For the tie break (What is the English name for the digitalis) the first to reach Tony with the written answer was Glenda for the Rudolphs who, despite a recent knee operation, showed a remarkable turn of speed. Many thanks to the organisers, especially all those who helped with the catering, the cleaning up  and the  dishwashing afterwards. Looking forward to next year’s quiz in Brantingham which will hopefully be just as enjoyable.

Fungi in the reserve

There are some fungi to the right of the Wood Entrance that are new to us.  These are lepiota rhacoides . They are said to be edible but may give some folk an upset tummy !






On an old  log that forms a path edging are these dead mans fingers (xylaria polymorpha)







These that are growing on the fallen beech stump look like the children of dead man’s fingers and are Xylaria hypoxylon, the candlesnuff fungus.

Change of venue

Because Welton Memorial Hall will not be available for us next year the committee has been trying to locate another suitable venue for our meetings. Such places are hard to find but Brantingham Village Hall is big enough and crucially, is available so that’s where we’ll be next year.  We will once again be meeting on a Friday evening which may suit some members better.  Look out for dates of the 2019 meetings in the new bulletin which members will receive before Christmas.  If you go into the village from the Triton Inn, after about 100 yards  you’ll find the hall behind the hedge on your left.