Monthly Archives: October 2018

Fungi in the reserve

There are some fungi to the right of the Wood Entrance that are new to us.  These are lepiota rhacoides . They are said to be edible but may give some folk an upset tummy !






On an old  log that forms a path edging are these dead mans fingers (xylaria polymorpha)







These that are growing on the fallen beech stump look like the children of dead man’s fingers and are Xylaria hypoxylon, the candlesnuff fungus.

Change of venue

Because Welton Memorial Hall will not be available for us next year the committee has been trying to locate another suitable venue for our meetings. Such places are hard to find but Brantingham Village Hall is big enough and crucially, is available so that’s where we’ll be next year.  We will once again be meeting on a Friday evening which may suit some members better.  Look out for dates of the 2019 meetings in the new bulletin which members will receive before Christmas.  If you go into the village from the Triton Inn, after about 100 yards  you’ll find the hall behind the hedge on your left.