Superstitions : 

Rabbits  -  A popular luck bringing superstition was to say White Rabbits at the start of the first day of each month.  Also, some people would carry on them a rabbit’s foot, which was thought to bring them good luck.  Then, we are all familiar with the loveable Easter Bunny, who brings all the children Easter Eggs.  Rabbits were a symbol of fertility and with the egg, it was thought to have magical powers.  However, rabbits are not native to Britain, but were introduced by the Normans – so the original Easter Bunny would actually have been a hare.


Butterfly's   - If a butterfly was seen flying at a funeral it was thought to be the spirit of the person being buried.  Then if you find a butterfly in the house, particularly in the winter, it was said to bring good luck.  Also, if seen in dreams, particularly brightly coloured ones, this was also thought to be a good omen, and bring good fortune.



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