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The Society:

The Wolds and Riverbank Countryside Society, based in East Yorkshire, was first formed and a constitution agreed in May 1996.  We have a large membership centered at the present time in Brough, Elloughton, North Ferriby, North and South Cave and Welton.  We hope that in time be able to expand our current activities further than this, but for now we are confining our efforts as a Society to an area South of a line drawn from Holme on Spalding Moor to Bishop Burton, extending southwards to the bank of the River Humber, a geographical area we have encompassed in our name, The Wolds and Riverbank Countryside Society.

You can help by joining the Society and working together in order to pursue our aims. Your subscription may buy a tree or perhaps a mechanical aid for helping with a clean-up, paying the expenses of a speaker to spread the word in one of our local village halls or your donation could go towards maintaining our woodland reserve.

 Membership rates for 12 months.

12.00 Family Rate.

6.00 Individual Rate

Individual Life Membership 50



A  membership card will be issued and subscriptions will need to be renewed in May

each year. For further information contact the Membership Secretary on Tel: 01482 668064.




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