In March the wood seemed to come alive - all the birds singing their hearts out, and playing at 'kiss chase', all frantic to mate and to nest, and there are lots of ideal places in the wood for them to nest, and plenty of material available for making them; there is a lot of moss in the wood and a lot of birds use this to line their nests.

All the plants that had deadened down through the winter are now springing back to life, all the leaves that littered the wood floor bringing life back to the plants - with the spring bulbs coming into flower, the Snowdrops first, then the Daffodils, and starting to carpet the woodland floor are the sweet White and Purple Violets and there are the bright yellow flowers of the Coltsfoot, and the pretty pink Flowering Currant. Other plants which will soon be in flower are the Bluebells and Spring snowflake. Other plants to see later on are Borage, Foxglove, Bugle, Willowherbs, Hypericums, Campion, Speedwells, Ground Ivy, Bellflowers, and Buddleia, to name but a few. With all the different plants sprouting up, the wood is slowly turning green, and with the trees coming into leaf, everywhere is vibrant and fresh with the smell of spring.

How many plants have you been able to name as you wander through this our very own Garden of Eden.

Plants and flowers have a enormous number of superstitions attached to them.

To give Bluebells meant - constant kindness, and Violets - faithfulness in love.