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    Programme for May to December 2017


Here is our programme for May to December, 2017.  All talks and the Christmas Quiz are held at the Welton Memorial Hall starting at 7.30pm.  Remember that talks now take place on Wednesday evenings and not Friday evenings as in the past, but the Christmas Party/Quiz will take place on a Friday evening.  Drinks and biscuits are served during the intervals of evening talks for whatever you want to pay, and drinks are served free during the quiz/party.  During the interval of each evening talk, a raffle is held to raise society funds, and prizes for the raffles are always appreciated.  Evening talks are open to non-members: entry £2, children free.


For further information about events contact Keith on 01482 667097





This evening will begin with the Annual General Meeting of the society.  The agenda will include short reports from the Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Chair, and the election of officers and committee members.


That will be followed by an illustrated talk by Keith and Glenda Smith about Iceland and northern isles which they visited during last summer.  Keith and Glenda are long-standing members of the society.  Their visit was during a cruise with Cruise Maritime which members may be interested in because some sailings are from Hull (and Newcastle) and cheap if you book late when the company is trying to sell remaining places.


The cruise included stops at the Faroe Islands, the Shetlands and the Orkneys, but it was Iceland, called “the land of ice and fire”, which was the most fascinating and beautiful. 




Today we will walk along part of the trackway of the old Hull and Hornsea railway line.  The line was officially opened on 28th March, 1864, and closed a hundred years later as a result of the Beeching Report, the last passenger train running on 19th October, 1964.


The route of the old line is now a public footpath known as the Hornsea Rail Trail (part of the Trans-Pennine Trail) and offers a hard surface for walkers and riders across the flat and fertile Holderness plain.


We will park in the car park at the rear of Hornsea Freeport at 11am, and walk from there along the trail for about two miles before returning at about 1.30pm. The part of the path we will walk is tarmacked. We will pass through Southorpe local nature reserve managed by the Hornsea and North Holderness Countryside Society in conjunction with the East Riding Council. (They also have another reserve further along the rail trail). Since the last train ran in 1964, the trackway has been colonised by all manner of wild plants and wildlife.  Near the start of the walk the sides of the path are marshy, and plants that like those conditions do very well there.  Further along, the pathway is tree-lined and beyond the trees are open fields. 


Afterwards we will return to Hornsea Freeport where refreshments are available.  After that you might want to visit the shops of Hornsea Freeport, the freshwater mere (Yorkshire’s largest lake!), the award-winning museum of local life (which closes on Sundays at 4pm) or enjoy seaside attractions – the beach, cafes, pubs, fish and chip shops.



Saturday, 1st July, 2017     POCKLINGTON CANAL BOAT TRIP


This should whet your appetites for the talk in October.  We've organised a return trip from Melbourne to Gardham lock on the Pocklington Canal Amenity Society boat, "New Horizons".  The cost is £8.00 per passenger.  We leave from the Melbourne Arms at 1300 returning at 16.30.  There will be time for a picnic at Gardham lock so bring some refreshments.  Book early to avoid disappointment as places are limited.  If necessary, a later trip the same day will be arranged.  Contact John on 07936 425104 to make your booking.  Directions to Melbourne will be provided to those interested.


Saturday, 22nd July, 2017    MOTHING IN THE MEADOW

Come and see the Creatures of the Night. On this evening, we will have David Chesmore with us.  David is our local moth expert who will help us identify the moths and other insects that are active at night.

We will meet at 10.00 p.m. on the land under the trees at the west (Ionians’) end of the meadow.  Lights will be set up over white sheets so that when the moths are attracted to the lights they fall conveniently onto the sheets allowing us to identify them before they recover and fly away.

 Entrance is on Brantingham Road next to the Ionians’ Rugby Club and through the woodland. All members and their friends are welcome. There is no charge for this event.



August, 2016             HOLIDAY TIME


It’s holiday time so there are no events this month.



Wednesday, 20th September, 2017    GARDENING WITH NATURE FOR NATURE or What you can do for the birds, bees and butterflies


Alastair Taylor will give an illustrated talk on gardening to promote nature and natural processes.  Alastair’s whole life and career has been in gardening.  He is the son of a market gardener and nurseryman.  He took a first degree in horticulture and then trained to become a landscape architect and spent years in practice.  Later, he taught landscape architecture and ended his working years as Head of Landscape Architecture at Leeds Metropolitan University.


Alastair developed his own half-acre garden to open for the National Garden Scheme during the last fifteen years, and has been actively re-engineering it for wildlife.  He is a regular speaker on the garden club circuit and an active volunteer with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and Butterfly Conservation.


Alastair’s talk this evening will explain his active interest in conservation work and briefly look at the “state” of nature in the UK.  It will go on to review some of the work/research into the contribution gardens can make to promote nature and natural processes.  It will specifically cover the findings of the Biodiversity in Urban Garden Study undertaken by Sheffield University, and gently challenge one of its key conclusions.  The talk will then outline what Alastair has been doing in his own garden to make it more wildlife friendly.



Sunday, 24th September, 2017    WORKING ON THE RESERVE


The society’s nature reserve is now a wood and a meadow.  The wood in spring and summer had more flowers than before, and is popular as a place to walk in and enjoy. After a big effort by members in 2015 - felling trees, preparing the ground and sowing seed - the land on the sunny side of the wood came alive again with young meadow plants during the summer. 


But there is still a lot to do: meadows take years to mature and the wood needs continuous care and


development.  There’s always a lot to do:  hedge pruning, thinning of saplings, removal of ivy on the ground, planting and hay raking after the late summer mowing of the meadow.  Mowing will be carried out before this reserve working day, but the vegetation must be left for a couple of weeks and then raked off to allow seeds to fall.  So today rakes and rakers will be needed. By this time daffodil bulbs will have arrived so we will need volunteers to plant them for flowering next March. This morning why not come and be part of the autumn working party to help improve the reserve further?  Members will be working in the reserve on Brantingham Road, Elloughton next to the Ionians’ Rugby Club from 10am to 12pm.     At half time, we have a convivial break for hot drinks and biscuits provided by the society.  Do remember that the reserve is for native wild plants, and members should not plant any cultivated plants, however fine they look in gardens.  Any planting should be done by agreement with the Wolds committee.  For more information telephone Tony on 01482 668064.



Wednesday, 18th October, 2017    THE POCKLINGTON CANAL


Alistair Anderson, chairman of the Pocklington Canal Amenity Society will give us an illustrated presentation about the Pocklington Canal.


The canal was opened in 1818. The talk will cover the route of the canal, why it came into being, how it performed when it was busy, how it reached the end of its useful life as a commercial waterway and what the Pocklington Canal Amenity Society is doing to preserve and improve it.  Alistair will also talk about the flora and fauna of the canal. Thirteen species of damselflies and dragonflies have been recorded on the canal which is also a good place for butterflies attracted by the plants on the banks and in the water.  


Alistair skippers the society’s tour boat, the New Horizons, and will include some reference to that.   You may find their web site of interest www.pocklingtoncanalsociety.org.uk





John Tibbles will give a talk with slides/powerpoint on archeology in the region.  John worked for the Hull City Council Archaeology Department for 35 years prior to becoming an independent archaeologist, and he has excavated sites from the prehistoric to the present day.  John and his daughter Sophie have unearthed many interesting finds during that time, some of which John could bring along. The fascination of archeology is what bits and pieces of unearthed “rubbish” can reveal about the lives of people in the past.


The Wolds…Society’s Annual Nature Photographic Competition will also take place this evening, and is open to all pictures taken by members which have not previously been entered in our competition, including photographs of the Reserve.  Each member may submit three entries, titled or not – although an identification of the subject would be helpful.  The size is open, and prints should be brought to the meeting. 


Each member in attendance will be given the chance to vote for the best photographs.  The Kingfisher Trophy will be awarded to the winner to hold for one year, and will be inscribed with the winner’s name.  Photographs of the meadow and wood will become part of the notice board display at meetings



Friday, 15th December, 2017    THE CHRISTMAS QUIZ and PARTY NIGHT (Members only)


Our annual Christmas Quiz and Party is one of our most popular evenings.  There is the quiz and the chance to be the winning donkey!  We have established a popular quiz format over many years, and we play as teams so everyone can help.  There is seasonal conviviality.  Come and enjoy a fun evening with others. 


And, of course, there is the food and drink.  Please bring food to add to the “spread”, which usually includes savouries, sandwiches, salads, cakes and desserts which we all share.  Tea and coffee will be served free, but you might want to bring your own wine – if you don’t think it will jeopardise your performance in the



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